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Solving Talent Management Challenges

Simple Human, Smart, Secure & Affordable

We provide employers across the globe the tools they need to quickly, easily, and confidently welcome new individuals to their team. We focus on making the process convenient and secure and the results comprehensive and compliant. When you combine the latest technology with exceptional client service, you get solutions that work hard to help your business succeed.

Low cost…Instant Background Check…Paperless Drug Screening

Placing a Focus On...

Criminal Background Screening

Low Cost National Criminal, SSN, Sex Offender Registry and Global Watch List.
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Drug Screening Services

With our paperless “Quick Screen” service you can get same day results at over 2,000+ collection labs?
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Paperless Checking Portal

Take the labor out of administration

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Criminal Monthly Monitoring

Monitor your workforce to avoid unexpected, embarrassing and costly criminal activities.
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Job Fit Assessments

Hire for skills..Fire for bad behavior? Not any more!
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Reference Checking

Outsource the time consuming reference checking process.
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What our Clients Say About Us

Veriproved Screening, LLC. is focused on solving the people issues that business owners and leaders face each and every day and which can ultimately compromise productivity and customer service. We believe passionately that no matter the size of your organization our cost effective solutions and internet technologies will help you build a high performance organization.
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Our Services

We have taken care to develop solutions and technologies that are simple, human, smart and cost effective. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) can be deployed as a complete Human Resource Information System (HRIS) or as a single service solution to better manage your HR Strategies.

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